Stoney’s Named Best Neighborhood Bar by City Paper

Many thanks to The Washington City Paper staff for picking Stoney’s as “The Best Neighborhood Bar That’s Actually a Neighborhood Bar”! We know there are many great local joints in the city, and we’re proud to be among them.

From the writeup, by Food Editor Laura Hayes:

This might not be a bar where “everyone knows your name,” but it’s been everything you want in a neighborhood bar since 1968. Some modern highlights include trivia with cringe-worthy team names, grilled cheese sandwiches stuffed with chicken fingers, zippy “boss of the sauce” wings, a happy hour so generous you’ll wonder if Oprah’s just handing shit out, and TVs that show the home team unless the Broncos are on.

Like a mullet’s split personality, the two-story bar tends to be business downstairs and party upstairs. Hot tip: They’re about to launch Bingo.

Thanks guys!

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